Our Campus - Three Departments Under One Roof | Phorms Berlin Mitte

    Welcome to Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte

    The attractive redbrick building at our campus in central Berlin dates from the late 19th century and houses the oldest and largest of the Phorms Schools. Our bilingual private school offers a bilingual community in German and English for children and young people from nursery and primary school to secondary school.

    Bilingual Education

    Our nursery is open for children from two years on. Our pedagogues are German and English native speakers. Language plays a key role within our educational concept. Our bilingual German-English nursery school attaches great importance to providing a high degree of support in both German and English.

    The children learn the two languages according to the so-called immersion method. Each pedagogue speaks exclusively in his or her native language of either English or German. This enables the children to learn both languages within a natural context via the morning circle, at meals and through songs, stories and games. Our daily routine reinforces language acquisition.

    Sports and Music

    The three main focuses of our bilingual private school are sport, music and science, and these three subject areas make up the majority of our study options. We have three excellently equipped sports halls. Aditionally we have a basketball programme with our co-operation partner ALBA BERLIN. Experienced music teachers teach their subject in specially equipped rooms, and the school also has high-quality science laboratories. In our secondary school students have the opportunity to learn about the basic principles of robot technology and construct their own models.

    Individual Support

    Our private school places a particular emphasis on individual support. We are proud to be able to offer our students a wide range of interesting activities to reveal and develop their talents at an early stage. From Year 3 in our primary school children can opt to study different elective subjects. Our afternoon programme also offers students an extensive and varied agenda. From Year 7 in our secondary school we provide a diverse choice of elective subjects in the areas of language and science. Our school also supports children with special educational needs, who study in one class with the other children.

    This range of activities has an additional benefit. All courses take place within the safe environment of the school, meaning that both students and parents do not need to undertake extended journeys at the end of the school day. This is invaluable in a city such as Berlin.

    We hope you enjoy our website. 

    Jana Stölting
    Head of School