Admissions Procedure

We regularly accept children to existing and new nursery groups provided that there are places available in the child’s age group. Additionally to an enrollment at the beginning of the nursery year in August it is also possible to join PhorMinis during the year.


1. Online Registration

As a first step, parents need to register their child by filling in the online application form. Having received the application, we will first send out a confirmation email and then our admission team will call parents to discuss the next steps in the admission process.

2. Parent Interview

According to the number of free places we invite the parents to an interview with our head of nursery.

The selection of families is based on the following criteria:

  1. Siblings or a switch from another Phorms nursery     
  2. Bilingual children     
  3. Social and cultural diversity as well as a balanced proportion of girls and boys     
  4. Time of registration at Phorms

Parents will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and to learn more about pedagogical and organisational concepts in our nursery. They can also be shown around if they have not seen the nursery rooms before. 

3. Place Offer

After the parent interview we offer selected children a place at our nursery according to the availability of places and the criteria mentioned above. The place offers are sent out via email.

4. Nursery Contract

If the parents accept the place, we will send out the contract by post.