Bilingual Nursery „Phorminis“ Berlin Mitte | Phorms Berlin Mitte

    Welcome to the German-English Phorms nursery in Berlin-Mitte.

    Our Campus: Everyone Under One Roof

    Our nursery (day care centre) comprises a crèche and a kindergarten. The nursery is part of the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte. The premises are shared with the Phorms primary school and secondary school. Here we offer a community in German and English for 715 children and young people from age 2 to 18.  
    At present, 40 educators look after a total of 160 girls and boys from two years of age in age-homogenous groups.
    We offer a separate reception class to children who are five years of age.

    Founded in 2006

    Phorms Berlin was founded in 2006 and is located in an attractive redbrick building in central Berlin. This is where we celebrated our 10th birthday in summer 2016. We are the oldest and largest of all Phorms Education schools.

    Bilingual Education

    The bilingual teaching concept of Phorms is based on an early acquisition of the English language. Our bilingual German-English nursery school attaches great importance to providing a high degree of support in both German and English. Therefore, the children from two years on are taught by native speakers in German and English according to the so-called immersion method.

    Income-Dependent Tuition Fees

    We would like to enable children from families in different income brackets to have access to our educational resources. For this reason, we decided to introduce income-dependent tuition fees.

    Our childrens’ parents keep telling us what they appreciate most about Phorms, namely that, every day, their children like going to our kindergarten.

    We hope you enjoy our website.