Early Years Curriculum | Phorms Berlin Mitte

    We follow the curriculum of the federal state of Berlin. Our aim ist for children to understand themselves and their relationship with others and their environment.

    The curriculum of the federal state of Berlin divides children’s development into five different areas:

    1. Personal and social development: children learn to respect their own needs and those of others, to unfold their own personalities and to develop assurance, confidence and consideration in their dealings with others.
    2. Communicative and linguistic development: we teach children to use language as a form of communication an encourage their competence in speaking and forming sounds. Furthermore, we support them in speaking an understanding both German and English.
    3. Mathematical and scientific development: we give children practically oriented acces to the basic mathematical and scientific concepts.
    4. Creative development: we provide the children with a wide range of materials, projects, spaces and impulses to enable them to develop their creativity.
    5. Physical development: physical development, according to the child's age, is not only important for a child’s health but also serves as the basis for cognitive development. We therefore foster the children’s fine and gross motor skills and their ability to handle tools as well as making them aware of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle.