School atmosphere

Since October 2020, Max Leidinger, a school social worker, has been working on our campus in both the Primary School and the Secondary School. He supports students with problems in the social and social and emotional issues.

The focus is on sustainably improving the school climate, counteracting (cyber) bullying and promoting openness and acceptance among the students.

In the primary school, he works very closely with the Learning Support Team and conducts assessments and other learning level surveys.

The following concrete projects or measures are implemented.

Team-building measures:
At the request of the teachers, Mr Leidinger regularly visits the classes and carries out games and exercises to strengthen the class climate and the cohesion among the students.

Student Café on Microsoft Teams:
Mr Leidinger has set up a student café. Topics that are relevant to the lives of many young people are regularly posted there. It is another way for the students to get in touch with the social worker and with each other.