All-Day Care

Within the framework of full-time education, we offer our students extracurricular morning and afternoon care. Here they can pursue their interests, i.e. in the artist’s workroom, games room, reading and rest room, construction, and exercise room as well as in the workshop and in the yard; trying out various leisure activities and discover and develop their talents.

Supervision for Phorms students in Hort begins at 7.30 and continues after lessons until 18.00 on all school days. These sessions are led by our qualified teaching staff at the school. Consequently, the children encounter familiar faces and processes and the conceptual framework of our academic programme is consistently carried over into the extracurricular programme.

In addition to free play and a changing offer of activities, we make it possible to participate in different clubs. These cover the educational areas of movement, creativity, nature/technology, literacy and music. They are offered by our educational staff and external cooperation partners. Examples of clubs are: Basketball, karate, judo, art, programming, children's ballet, acrobatics, bookworms, instrumental instruction, etc. The internal courses are free of charge, the external courses are subject to a fee.

During the school holidays we offer a holiday programme and an English Summer Camp.