Admissions Procedure

We accept new students to our bilingual Gymnasium at any time of the school year to both grade 7 classes and higher grades. As long as we have free places, we are pleased to arrange an assessment test and/or trial days as well as a parent interview in the short term. Apart from the legal requirements of the school authorities, the main criteria for admission to our Gymnasium are the “Gymnasialempfehlung” and passing our admission process.

Our Admissions Procedure:

1. Online Registration

As a first step, parents need to register their child by filling in the online application form. Having received the application, we will first send out a confirmation email and then our admission team will call parents to discuss the next steps in the admission process. We might ask for further documents and reports.

2. Admission Test and Interview

Each child needs to go through our admission process which differs depending on the grade applied for. Thus, we get to know the students and learn more about their level of knowledge in the key subjects and their language skills. Having reviewed the last three report cards we invite the child for an admission test in the key subjects (English, Math, German) and an interview with our head of secondary school and/or we organize trial days in the respective class.

The following formal criteria are the basis to be considered for the further process:

  1. Gymnasialempfehlung
  2. Good grade average
  3. Foreign languages English and Spanish or English and French
  4. Having passed the MSA test and reached the class goal in grade 10 (applying for grade 11)

In addition, we consider the following criteria:

  1. Siblings or a switch from another Phorms school
  2. Social and cultural diversity as well as a balanced proportion of girls and boys
  3. Time of registration at Phorms

3. Trial Days and Parent Interview

Having passed the admission test the child participates in the regular school day on one to three trial days. Thus, the student gets to know us and our teaching routines. Our teachers thereby learn more about the student’s social and academic competences. During the parent interview with our head of secondary school, we discuss things such as the child’s school career and the family’s background.

For families who live abroad and therefore cannot come for trial days we offer an alternative admission process.

4. Place Offer

Once the admission process has been passed successfully and our teachers approve of the student’s admission to our school we will send out a place offer via email.

5. School Contract

If the parents accept the place, we send out the contract by post.