School Fee Regulations

for school year 2022/2023

In order to enable as many children as possible to access our educational programs, Phorms tuition fees are income related.

School Fees

Gross annual income Monthly tuition fees
less than 50,000 €* 109-640 €
50,000 € or more 711 €
80,000 € or more 754 €
130,000 € or more 951 €

*Please see arrangement for families with an annual income of less than 50,000 Euros.

Fees are based on the annual income from two years ago, (e.g. for the school year 2022/2023 we look at the income tax statement of 2020). The gross annual income includes all income from both legal guardians in that specific year. It is not possible to set off income against “negative income” (such as loss on rental income or leases). As proof of parents’ income of up to 130,000 Euro p.a., we accept an income tax return – or if this document is not yet available – another suitable proof of income. If parents pay tuition fees according to the highest income band, they do not have to submit any other documents.

The tuition fee is an annual contribution paid in twelve equal monthly rates starting on 1st August of each year.

Admissions Fee

The admissions fee is 2.5 times the monthly Phorms tuition fee, due when the enrolment contract is submitted to the school.

Sibling Reduction

Siblings receive reduced tuition rates. For the first-born child the full Phorms tuition fee is due. The second-born child receives a reduction of 25% and for the third-born child the Phorms tuition fee is reduced by 50%. For the fourth-born child and any further siblings we offer a reduction of 75%.

Loyalty Bonus

After 5 years at Phorms parents will receive a loyalty bonus of 10% towards tuition fees starting in their sixth year. The loyalty bonus increases to 20% after 10 years. For students joining our Secondary School in grade 7 the loyalty bonus comes into effect after having completed four years at Phorms, e.g. starting in grade 11.


If Gymnasium students wish to receive a warm lunch they may register with the catering company which supplies the food for kindergarten and primary school. The costs for this are to be paid to the catering company directly.

Other Fees

The costs for school supplies, the obligatory school uniform, exhibitions and class trips as well as voluntary afternoon activities are charged separately.

Phorms tuition fees for families with an annual income of less than 50,000 Euros (“reduziertes Schulgeld”)

Information on special tuition fees is available for parents with a gross family income of less than 50,000 Euros. In this case, parents must hand in a yearly, separate and legally binding proof, for both of them, of their income and legal estate circumstances. The reduced tuition fee ranges from 109 to 475 Euros in Primary School and from 109 to 640 Euros in Secondary School. The admissions fee is also reduced to a single monthly tuition fee.

Tax Deductibility

30% of school fees for Primary Schools and Secondary Schools are tax deductible as extraordinary expenses. This does not include accommodation, Day Care or food charges for the child. Since 2008, a maximum amount of 5,000 Euros has been stipulated. This means that parents may not deduct more than 5,000 Euros per child (30% of 16,667 Euros) from their tax liability for school fees paid (§ 10 Paragraph 1 Clause 9 of German Income Tax Act, Special Expenses). Day Care costs (and parent contributions to Nursery and Pre-School) may also be deductible. The child must live in the household and be under 14 years of age. Two thirds of the child care expenses up to a maximum amount of 4.000 Euros per child may be deducted as operating costs when determining the gross family income.

Phorms Education cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of the above information. Parents should discuss all matters directly with their tax consultant.