Orientation Week Year 7

The transition to Year 7 is exciting. Suddenly everything is new: the building, the classmates, the teachers, the rules, the requirements. A successful start to Secondary School is important to us. After a week with our introductory programme, which above all awakens motivation and the joy of exploring the new environment, nobody feels alone or disoriented! 

Here is an example of the timetable for the first week.



German Test

English Test I


Math Test



Year 7
"survival guide" I

Picking up the books from the library (9 am)

(Name game, 1 truth and 2 lies)
Handing out agendas, schedules and lockers, voting for class speaker, Klassenbuch rotation

Gartenplatz Break

Pick students up in the MPR

Gartenplatz Break

Pick students up in the MPR

3Class organisational tasks:
AG selection, excuses, school year schedule, Class trip, 1 day Wandertag,
discussing school rules and day to day routine


German Test II


English Test II




Math Test II

4Personal introduction activity 
(e.g. students create small collages to introduce themselves to the school)

Languages Games

Birthday CalendarsKaraokeYear 7
"survival guide" II
Lunch Break
5Reviewing the collages 
Putting them up in the hallway
How to get to the gym, take students downstairs in Hof

Birthday Calendars

Write a letter to your
Year 12 self and seal it in a time capsule.

6Scavenger Hunt
7Sport classFine Motor SkillsAnti-Bullying