Digital Year 10

We will use the experience gained in the school year 2020/21 for the future.

During this time we have worked on the following topics in the area of digitalisation:

  • Microsoft Teams as a central platform
  • New ways of communication
  • Use of apps
  • New forms of performance assessment
  • New feedback tools
  • Digital materials storage
  • New concepts for teaching at home
  • New approaches to project days

Our goals for the future:

  • Promote individual and differentiated learning
  • Enable better visualisation of learning content
  • Open up further channels of communication
  • Create new ways of acquiring, processing and presenting knowledge
  • Strengthening the media competence of our students

In order to achieve these goals, from the 2021/22 school year every student in Year 10 will be equipped with a state-of-the-art convertible laptop .

Learners will benefit from many features such as intuitive touch operation and simultaneous typing in laptop mode and drawing as well as writing in studio mode. They can also easily connect projectors, printers, cameras, digital microscopes, robots and other devices.