Exchange Programme | Phorms Berlin Mitte

    The point of our bilingual concept is to teach students to feel at home in other cultures. For this reason, we offer an exchange programme.

    In year 9/10 our students have the opportunity to take part in a Spanish exchange to Barcelona.

    Since 2011, each year a small group of our Phorms students in Year 10 have been visiting their exchange partners in Hong Kong for three weeks, of course with the participation in the school lessons, which are held there in English.

    A special highlight for our secondary school graduates is the annual UNIS UN conference in New York City, organised by students of the United Nations International School (UNIS) and held in the prestigious hall of the UN General Assembly. For one week, our ‘Phorms delegates’ live with host families in New York City and attend, amongst other things, the three-day conference.

    The UNIS students have already visited us in Berlin. We are looking forward to the next time.