We teach in accordance with the framework curriculum set forth by the city of Berlin (Berliner Rahmenlehrplan), enriched by international programmes.

All our students sit their Intermediate Secondary School Certificate (MSA) at the end of Year 10. The Upper Secondary School Certificate (Abitur) is taken after Year 12.

Additionally, students in upper secondary school may also enroll for the Cambridge Advanced English Certificate (CAE). A top level battery of tests in reading, writing, listening, and speaking confirm C1 level in professional English. Those not achieving a full C1 may still earn a certificate of B2 or B1 proficiency, pending on results. Offered through Cambridge University, the CAE is a globally recognised standard, and students wishing to study or work abroad in an English setting may find this certificate can be very helpful (or possibly required in lieu of a similar test of language proficiency). Cambridge English certificates are recognised by over 20,000 universities, employers and governments, facilitating access to many apprenticeships and universities, e.g. University of Oxford, University of Sydney or Humboldt University in Berlin.