In the afternoons, the children are invited to follow their interests and explore their talents. Our afternoon programme offers different activities every day. Activities led by our educators, are offered free of extra charge when using the Hort voucher (Hort-Gutschein).

    Although provision varies from semester to semester, the areas of sport, art and music are always covered. Sports on offer include basketball, football, swimming, aikido, dance and yoga. Examples of creative or musical clubs available are drawing, sculpture, choir and instrumental music. We are always developing new activities to supplement our programme, such as “School TV”, fairy stories, comic drawing or photography.

    Primary school students who do not take part in the afternoon facilities may use our after-school day care facilities until 6.00 pm. A comfortable room with games, books and painting and handicrafts materials is available for their use. Our teachers supervise the children and support them at all times in the activities they undertake.