Private Bilingual Primary School Phorms Berlin Mitte

Welcome to the private German-English Phorms primary school in Berlin-Mitte.

Our campus is the base: Take off in two languages!

The primary school is part of the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte. The premises are shared with the Phorms nursery and secondary school. Here we offer a community in German and English for approximately 800 children and young people from ages 2 to 18. 

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Small children, big growth: Our Primary School

At present, 60 pedagogues teach approximately 450 students in our primary school.

Our goal is to offer children a bilingual education that leaves them perfectly at home in both languages...

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What makes us special

  • Berlin state curriculum and bilingual education by native speaking role models
  • Child-centred, holistic approach
  • Motivated, creative, international staff

Bilingual Education

Language acquisition is key to the Phorms concept. During the first three years of school, teaching at our bilingual primary school mainly takes predominantly place in English. Teachers deliver the lesson content at native speaker level, using the immersion method. At the same time, we attach great importance to good quality teaching in German and base our curriculum on the outline curriculum of the federal state of Berlin (Berliner Rahmenlehrplan).

Getting started in a bilingual school!

In general it is possible to change from a normal monolingual primary school to our bilingual school...

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Do the children in Year 1 have to be able to speak both languages?

No, but they should be fluent in at least one of the two languages of instruction (German OR English).

What are the admission criteria?

For Year 1, children must be developed according to their age and be fluent in one of our two languages of instruction (German OR English). 


From Year 2 onwards, the students should be fluent in one of our two languages of instruction and have functional command of the other language (German and English), their previous school results must be in the good to very good range and they should enjoy learning English or German (whichever language in not their native tongue).

Do the children have to have already attended Phorms Preschool to get a place in Year 1?

No, although we reserve a place in the Primary School for all our Phorms preschoolers, they too must complete the admission procedure for the Primary School. About half of our school places are filled by Phorms preschoolers and the other half are allocated to external children.

What happens during the trial days for Year 1? Can I prepare my child for it?

We observe the children with regard to our admission criteria (language behaviour, age-appropriate development, social behaviour). This is done in a playful way so that the children have an exciting time with us and do not feel any pressure to perform. No preparation is necessary. However, we do recommend that you visit one of our Open Days with your child in advance so that they get to know the campus and are not afraid of the unknown.

Are the parents present at the trial days?

No, we warmly welcome your child on the first trial day and would then like to get to know them alone.

When will we know if our child has been accepted?

Our teachers evaluate the results after the trial days and we give the parents feedback as soon as possible.

Can my child transfer from a state school to you at any time?

We teach according to the Berlin framework curriculum, so that a change in one or the other direction is possible at any time depending on the language skills. From Year 2 onwards, children must already speak German and some English in order to be accepted into our Primary School.

Do you also accept students in the middle of the school year?

Yes, if the admission criteria are met and we have free places.

Is there a special admission procedure for families from abroad?

This depends on the individual requirements and the year level. Please contact our Admissions Team.

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Tuition Fees

How much is the tuition fee?

The monthly contributions are based on the annual gross income of both legal guardians. The exact contributions can be found under School Fee Regulations.

My income is very low. Do you have different school fee regulations for lower incomes?

Yes, the normal school fee is aimed at families with an income of 50,000 euros gross per year or more. For families below this income we offer the reduced tuition fee. You can find the exact fees under School Fees Regulations.

I am afraid that the chances of getting a place are lower when I ask for the reduced school fees. Do I need to?

No, admission is exclusively decided upon by the teachers, who at no time have any information about your income.

Lunch at Berlin Primary Schools is free of charge. Why do you pay extra for meals?

We work together with a caterer who offers the students lunch in as a flying buffet (choice of several mains and side components, dessert or raw vegetables) as well as an afternoon snack.

What additional costs will I incur?

We charge a once-off administration fee after signing the school contract.

We also provide school materials, for which we charge approx. 80 Euro per year. 

From Year 3 onwards, the monthly after-school care costs are added and the children go on school trips.

I do not need after-school care. Do I still have to present an after-school care voucher (Hortbescheid)?

Yes, at our all-day school, all primary school children need an after-school care voucher (Hortbescheid) until at least 4 pm. For the year levels 1 & 2 the after-school care is currently free of charge.

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School Life

Do you have a school uniform?

Yes, we have a school clothing collection from which all primary school students are required to wear the tops and sports clothing. 

How many students are in each class?

Our guideline is 22 children in primary school. 

Where do the native English-speaking teachers come from?

From all English-speaking countries in the world.

How is the fluctuation in the classes?

We teach mostly resident families, so we are very consistent in our student body.

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If you have any more questions that have not been answered so far, do not hesitate to fill in our online application form. We will contact you soon after by telephone and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions.